Light On , a non profit Organisation we worked with.

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We are so happy to announce that we are going to work with Light On Charity , a Hong Kong non-profit organisation which is trying to make some changes for the people in Nepal.

5% of your every purchase will contribute to their works.

About Light On Charity

For many years the founder of Light On Charity, Pink Lee, has been volunteering all over the world including Mongolia, Colombia, India, Nepal and Hong Kong. Nepal has particularly captured her heart. The optimistic Nepalese people are always laughing and smiling regardless of the situation they are in.

In 2011, she met Amrit, the chairman of a newly-established children’s home, Edventure Nepal in Pokhara. Pink volunteered with Edventure Nepal for three months, helping with international networking, fund raising, bringing in volunteers for the benefit of the children.

This children’s home has continued to grow and Pink has been coming back on a regular basis to help them. She regards Nepal as her second home.

In 2014, Pink joined forces with VolTra, a workcamp charity in Hong Kong, bringing volunteers from Hong Kong to the Edventure Nepal children’s home. The project is called, “Love and Light Action”. It is not only about “helping” the Nepalese but also about coordinating the volunteers from Hong Kong through love and cultural exchange. During the subsequent 14 months she brought 43 volunteers from Hong Kong to Nepal.

On 25th April, 2015, Pink was in Kathmandu preparing to receive 8 more volunteers who were arriving that night in Nepal. While she was inside a bookstore a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal. Amidst the falling books she escaped from the store to the street, and experienced the most horrific few minutes of her life.

After sleeping outdoors with two volunteers from Hong Kong, she found the family of Amrit in Kathmandu and spent the next three nights with them in a tent. While still in the tent she used her phone, to start fund-raising and set up the platform, “Light On Nepal” via social networks. Within three weeks, she raised 40,000USD.

With information from the local network, she got to know that in Uttamtari, Khoplang, Gorkha (the epicenter of the earthquake), people were in need of help but no aid had arrived yet. Within two weeks, with the help of many Nepalese volunteers, she sent over 8 tons of relief materials to the area, benefiting over 700 families.

Pink Realizing that just sending relief materials was not a long term solution. She identified three schools that had been destroyed during the earthquake leaving 1000 students without a place to study. This inspired her to launch the “Gorkha School Rebuilding Project”.

Upon returning to Hong Kong, Pink gathered some like-minded individuals and successfully registered Light On Charity as a non-profit organization. Currently, Light On is waiting to receive charity status from the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department.

Founder and Director:  Pink Lee
Director and Company Secretary:  Tony Ng
Director and Internal Affair:  Yukshan Wong
Advisor:  Doris Luk
Treasury:  Gary Choi
Members of Executive committee:  Van Lam and Kenson Chan

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