Rutile Quartz and moonstone Necklace

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Rutile stimulates clairsentience, and when working with this crystal you may find you are better able to intuitively pickup vibes from people places and things. Rutile can cut to the source of dis-ease and in doing so bring up and magnify any attached emotions.

Rutile facilitates recall of the dream, astral travelling and meditative states. Rutile helps ground high vibrational energies into the physical and stimulates the flow of energy through the chakras.



Moonstone is a stone of protection, especially during childbirth, pregnancy, and travel at sea. It is a stone of calm and relief from emotional stress. It is also associated with love of all kinds.

Moonstone is said in crystal healing to help calm responses and stress, and avoid overreaction. It brings hope, enhances feminine energies, sensitivity, intuition, and psychic abilities.


The necklace is produced with waterproof waxed linen and the length is adjustable.

With this waxed macrame cord, it is 100% washable and the color doesn't run or fade neither in sun or water.


Each piece is TOTALLY UNIQUE.

The necklace will put in a beautiful gift box.

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