Elephant jasper necklace

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A beautiful handmade macrame necklace   featuring Elephant  Jasper 

Elephant Jasper

 Elephant Skin Jasper is also known as calligraphy stone or miriam stone. This stone is found in the Himalayan mountains in India, and consists of a hematite and iron shell fossil.
The crystal significance of this stone is the valuable means of meditating and it is also an excellent protection stone.

It has a strong vibration for both the third eye chakra and the sacral chakra, and is also very protective.


The necklace  is produced with waterproof waxed linen and the length is adjustable.

With this waxed macrame cord, it is 100% washable and the color doesn't run or fade neither in sun or water.


Each piece is TOTALLY UNIQUE.

The necklace will put in a beautiful gift box.

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