Ammonite Fossil pendant, Key / Cellphone chain, Macrame Jewellery

  • NT$980.00
    單價 每 

The price is for one piece.

A beautiful handmade pendant, Key / Cellphone chain  featuring Ammonite Fossil.

Stone A - diameter around 2.7cm
Stone B - diameter around 3.0cm
Stone C - diameter around 3.2cm

Please leave a message for your stone preference


 Ammonites are perhaps the most widely known fossil, possessing the typically ribbed spiral-form shell. These creatures lived in the seas between 240 - 65 million years ago, when they became extinct along with the dinosaurs.

- It is a very powerful earth healing fossil.
- Used for activating Kundalini and life path energies.
- Often recommended to put in the home to attract health,      prosperity and success.
- draws off all negative energies

It is produced with waterproof  wax line.

With this waxed macrame cord, it is washable and the color doesn't run or fade neither in sun or water.

Each piece is TOTALLY UNIQUE.

It will be sent in a beautiful gift box.

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