Trapiche Amethyst 13-61

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Trapiche crystals are some of the rarest types of crystals on Earth.

Very specific geologic conditions need to occur for this geometric phenomenon to take place.

Amethyst is one such stone that has been found with the trapiche pattern. 

Trapiche amethyst, along with other trapiche gems, naturally has this six-pointed, starfish-like pattern imprinted in the crystal itself.

Trapiche Amethyst is said to strengthen the endocrine and immune systems. Due to the unique crystal formation, it is said to enhance brain activity, increase concentration, and energize the person that wears it. This gemstone is also said to enhance psychic abilities, is excellent for channeling energy during meditation. Whatever your beliefs , may you enjoy your Trapiche Amethyst.





Stone Size: 2.7 x 1.9  cm