100% Cashmere Grade A Quality Handloom Scarf

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Superfine Cashmere Scarf is hand-loomed by people living with disabilities in Nepal. 

We are committed to creating luxury scarves that will last a lifetime, and selling them at an accessible price.

Super soft and beautifully crafted in pure cashmere, this scarf is a fabulous trans-seasonal piece, fantastic as a generous scarf in winter, and as a super-lightweight wrap in Summer.

Grade A Cashmere

Grade A fiber is the longest and thinnest, and is the best in terms of quality. The fibers have the smallest diameter, ranging from 14 to 15.5 microns. The threads are the finest and the feel is the softest as well. The fibers are longer than any other grades, from 34 to 36 mm. Cashmere products made from grade A fiber always last longer than the rest.

Measurement: 195 X 75 cm

Materials : Nepal Cashmere 



All of our Cashmere scarves are customizable and the size, colour and grading of these items can be tailored to your requirement for wholesale order.


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