Raw Amber necklace, Macrame jewelry

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It is widely accepted that amber is a “fossilized resin” (a sophisticated term with a tinge of surrogate), presumably originating from prehistoric pine called Pinus succinifera back in the Paleogene period, i.e. 40 to 50 mln years ago.

RAW Baltic amber is unprocessed, untreated, natural, true form of amber.

Special thanks to our  sponsor and whole sale supplier PALMINIC INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.

They have selected this piece to join the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair 2018.

The necklace is produced with waterproof waxed linen and the length is adjustable.

With this waxed macrame cord, it is washable and the color doesn't run or fade neither in sun or water.   Each piece is TOTALLY UNIQUE.

The necklace will put in a beautiful gift box.